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Inference, Aggregation, and Safe Cracking

I’m studying for the CISSP exam. Inference and aggregation are means used to take low level or partial information and use that to derive higher level information. Inference requires deduction. The lower level information provides clues. Aggregation is a mathematical or mechanical process. Apply inference and aggregation to safe cracking (or lock picking). Using inference … Continue reading Inference, Aggregation, and Safe Cracking

Enough Already. Stamos is right.

If you have not read this already I highly recommend Alex Stamos’ opinion essay that appeared in the Washington Post on December 15th, 2020. Titled “Enough is enough. Here’s what we should do to defend against the next Russian cyberattacks.”, Stamos writes about how poor our response is today and what the United States government … Continue reading Enough Already. Stamos is right.

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