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This page documents my learning about cryptocurrency.  There are links to sites throughout.

PayPal does Crypto is a blog post about my experiences using the crypto capabilities added to the online payments system.

Buying Crypto Local documents some of my experiences using bitcoin ATMs. If you are looking for a way to buy crypto currencies locally Coin ATM Radar will help you locate the nearest Bitcoin ATM.

I started working with the Bread wallet app on iPhone and documented how to transfer funds (Send) from there to web based Coinbase wallet. I also documented how to transfer assets from Bread to a BlockFi account.

There are lots or people on social media touting their expertise with cryptocurrencies and making recommendations about which currencies to invest in. While some of these folks talk about doing ‘research’, I couldn’t find anywhere that was published. Much of it appears to me to be ‘Pump and Dump’ type investment schemes.

CNBC produced reporting on a group of cryptocurrency investors who were robbed. The reporting was great. I thought the title of the reporting was misleading (but it did draw me in to watch their video several times). Several weeks after I posted that essay I received a fraudulent email message purportedly from Coinbase that could have compromised my account had I responded.

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