The Coinbase Qualified Referral Program

Subtitled: And a possible share of the $1.5M in BTC.

In my mailbox today I received a message from the folks at Coinbase about making a qualified referral in order to share in $1.5M in BTC. My referral code is right here.

In order for this to be a qualified referral someone needs to use my referral code (above) to open and fund a Coinbase account between September 13th at 12 PM PDT and September 26th at 11:59 PM PDT. In addition to opening the account you will need to buy or sell $100 USD in a crypto currency. Just by opening and funding that account with $100 both you and I will receive $10 USD. How can you do that?

You can use CoinATMRadar to find an bitcoin ATM near you. Go to that ATM and deposit $100 USD. Caution: Different ATMs charge different fees. All ATMs seem to charge some fees. Be a careful consumer and try to go to an bitcoin ATM that #1 lists its fees and #2 has the lower fee. I recently found an ATM in FL that charged just 6.8% as opposed to the 12% I found in several ATMs in northern Virginia. Then use either the Coinbase app on your smartphone to add the funds to your account, or obtain a paper wallet from the ATM and use that with the Coinbase web app to transfer the funds to your account.

You could also refer to my previous blog post and use that same bitcoin ATM with the Bread wallet.

Another way of funding that account is via either a debit card or a wire transfer. I’ve done both. I recommend the wire transfer. It was fast and I felt it created a much better (clearer) record of the transaction (because it did not get mixed in with all my other credit and debit card transactions.

Thanks in advance if you can pull this off.