Sending Cryptocurrency from Bread to Coinbase

Sending cryptocurrency from the Bread wallet app on a smartphone to Internet based Coinbase wallet is very easy. Maybe the hardest part of the transaction is entering your PIN. I wrote this post using the Bread app version 4.12.1 Build 1 on iPhone . I used the Coinbase web application on a PC so there is no version number.

From the Bread app I selected the currency where I have funds. You won’t see a ‘Send’ or ‘Receive’ button from the main Bread display (at least for iPhone). Once you’ve selected that currency you’ll see a transaction pop up’ window with Send’ and ‘Receive’ at the bottom of the display. Choosing Send you need to complete the To, Amount, Processing Speed fields, enter an optional memo, and to complete the transaction press Send.

I scanned my Coinbase key into using the iPhone camera to complete the To field. I selected Send / Receive from the upper right corner of the Coinbase display. A popup window appears that defaulted to Send. Selecting Receive you’ll see a QR code that represents that accounts address. The text string of your Coinbase address appears directly below that QR code and there is a button there to copy the address to your computers buffer. On the Bread app another option for entering that address is to type or paste a key into that field on the iPhone. That address is a hashed version of my public key. A word of caution here in that if you make error in entering the address value in the To field the funds are lost and cannot be recovered.

The Amount field defaults to the currency you selected at the start; where you have funds. The display reports the amount of funds that you have in that account that can be transferred. I transferred Bitcoin and the field displayed a BTC (Bitcoin) marker . I was able to change that display to US dollars by pressing the BTC marker. The display changed to USD $.

Processing speed defaults to Regular. Other options are Economy and Priority. According to the documentation Economy results in a lower transfer fee and Priority a higher fee. Bread displays a time estimate for each of these settings and at the time I did the transfer a Regular transactions estimated delivery was 10-60 minutes. The Memo field is optional.

Within minutes; probably less than the ten that was estimated for Regular priority, my Coinbase account displayed that the transaction had been started. That transactions are completed once confirmations are completed between Bread and Coinbase. In the Coinbase Home there is a window that displays Recent transactions on the left side of the screen down below several other windows (‘Do more with Crypto’ and ‘Earn interest’).