Digits that Define Your life? Look at your Cellphone.

It’s always interesting when a technology story makes the front page of the Sunday New York Times.  On this day ‘Your trusty Cellphone Number: 10-Digit Code to Trove of Secrets’ by Steve Lohr grabbed mu interest from the lower left corner of the paper.  Lohr writes an interesting and well researched article about about the use of an individual’s cellphone number effectively not only taking place of another more sensitive value (the social security number).  Lohr also points out that the importance in communications (as people move away from landlines) as well as a means of creating a numeric index.

The article references a second line service available for smart phones; a free application called Line 2.  Computerworld’s Rick Broida wrote a good review of second line services in May of this year.  That article features a comprehensive comparison chart that included services such as Google Voice, Sideline, and eVoice in addition to Line 2.