The End of My Morton’s Neuroma?

So for the past five or more years I have suffered along with pain in my left foot.  At times the outside of my my foot; near the small toe would go numb.  At other times it would feel like someone was using pliers to pull the forth toe out of my foot.  It hurt.  And when it hurt it hurt a lot.  My foot would almost always hurt after walking or exercise.  To alleviate the pain I would take Ibuprofen.  Most of the time it took 800 MG of Ibuprofen to ease the pain.  This was caused by what several Doctors diagnosed as a Morton’s Nueroma.

After seeing two perfectly competent Podiatrists I learned an important life lesson.  You can’t really fix a Morton’s Nueroma without cutting it out.  That was not the lesson.  The life lesson was that not all Podiatrists are surgeons.  Podiatrists seem to believe that you can “cure” a Morton’s Nueroma through the use of orthodics.  While providing some relie (I can alk for 30 minutes without pain with orthodics as opposed to 10 minutes without); using orthodics has never worked for me.  After some short time the pain would return.  My current Podiatrist is also a (great) Podiatric Surgeon.

Last Thursday morning my Podiatric Surgeon performed a surgical procedure to remove the large nueroma in the third inter space on my left foot.  The surgery went well.  I came home and rested.  I’ve had no pain at all.  I had a good deal of swelling which subsided Friday night.  I have had some itchiness near the site of the surgical wound.  My foot feels great.