US NSA Centers for Academic Excellence



“NSA and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) jointly sponsor the
National Centers of Academic Excellence in IA Education (CAE/IAE) and
CAE-Research (CAE-R) programs. The goal of these programs is to reduce
vulnerability in our national information infrastructure by promoting
higher education and research in IA and producing a growing number of
professionals with IA expertise in various disciplines. Designation as
a CAE/IAE or CAE-R is valid for five academic years, after which the
school must successfully reapply in order to retain its CAE


Students attending these designated schools are eligible to apply for
scholarships and grants through the Department of Defense Information
Assurance Scholarship Program and the Federal Cyber Service
Scholarship for Service Program. Designation as a Center does not
carry a commitment for funding from NSA or DHS.


CAE/IAEs and CAE-Rs receive formal recognition from the U.S.
Government as well as opportunities for prestige and publicity for
their role in securing our Nation’s information systems.”