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Good Reads: Firesheep

Sometimes reading about security can get boring. How many times can
you read about a particular vulnerability? How many times can you
read about a particular tool? When news of a vulnerability breaks or
a new tool is released; many of the news outlets and bloggers will
jump on it. I was kind of bored and it was a Sunday morning and i
happened upon this article ( ) written for CNN
Money. You have to read the entire article to really understand the
author’s point of view.

The NY State Cyber Security Conference, June 7-8, 2011 in Albany NY

Last week I attended the 14th annual NY State Cyber Security
Conference held at the state office and conference center complex
(under The Egg) in Albany, NY. The 6th Annual Academic Symposium on
Information Assurance ran concurrently with the main conference. This
was my forth year attending the event and I really enjoyed the
conference and symposium this year. They were both very well
organized and presented.