Using Google Docs to Administer Surveys

I recently thought that some of my Personal Cybersecurity work could
be made much more interesting if I wee to develop some data on my own;
perhaps by conducting my own surveys. I started looking around at web
based tools for administering surveys and pretty quickly found:
Surveymonkey and Zoomerang. Both offer a free capability that caps
your survey at 10-12 questions and allows for no more than 100
completed surveys per month. Both tools look good and I’m confident
can be used pretty easily to produce a professional looking survey.
Reputation wise both of these sites look good too so unless someone
has set up a content filter that specifically blocks protected hosts
from participating in online surveys; most people can reach these
sites and trust the content.

I also found another way of conducting these surveys. Google Docs
seems to have the capability of producing an online form that you can
have people browse to or send to people as email (specifically as HTML
email). This is described at: