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Great NYT article Erasing the Digital Past

The New York Times published this great article ( on digital reputation today.  The clear intent of the article was to talk about and help people discover taht there are means for “clearing your name” when it comes to Internet search.  The artcile was written tastefully so as to not provide any one example of someone who was desperate to have their Internet identity cleared.

The article generated many comments from readers.  One that I found amusing was from Craig in CT who wrote: “This and tattoo removal – growth industries of the current generation.”.

One person who was mentioned in the article; didn’t find what was said about them to be accurate; and manged to do something about is Julia Allison.  Julia has apparently been written up on numerous occasions by the folks over at Gawker Media.  Apparently the writer tried to ortray Allison using data gleamed from Gawker.  In an April 17th correction to the story it is interesting to note that the Times author got a number of statements about Allison wrong.  After reading the correction I’m left to think that while you may not be able to erase the digital past you can at least make sure that’s correct.


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