Old Fashioned Confidence Fraud is Alive and Well

Subtitled: And there are two sides to every story?

First you read the story about the alleged victim, the alleged thieves, and alleged fraud.

Then you find more reporting; perhaps detailing the alleged thieves (defendants) point of view.


What seems clear is that the alleged victim is an older man.?? The alleged thieves were in their 30's.?? How long they knew each other and what the relationship was seems to be disputed.?? What doesn't seem to be disputed is that the alleged thieves gained the confidence of the alleged victim and used that relationship to gain access to the victim's assets.?? How the alleged victim came by the assets doesn't seem material. If you steal stolen money you are still stealing money.?? If you know that a crime was committed and you aid the aid the culprit to cover up the crime; that is still aiding and abetting. No?